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Fish Here At Lochloosa

Many different types of fish swim in Lake Lochloosa, and they're just waiting for you to come catch them! We've got Bass, Crappie, Bluegill Shell Cracker, Redear Sunfish and a lot more.

Lochloosa residents are welcome to use our boat ramp for FREE! And to everyone else: Our boat ramp fee includes the parking of your tow vehicle and boat trailer.

You can catch fish of all sizes at Lochloosa. Even a 10-pound bass isn't uncommon here.

And the biggest ones are the most fun! As you can see in our photos, if you come visit, you'll have the opportunity to catch some large, popular types of fish.

Here's what you'll find swimming in the lake.

Largemouth Bass and Black Crappie are among the more popular types of fish visitors enjoy catching, but we also have Bluegill, Redear Sunfish and more!

You can see why Largemouth Bass are so popular. 

It's such a large fish that commands a lot of bragging rights when you catch it! You'll be getting praise from others if you can snag one. 

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