Bait And Tackle Shop

Visit our Convenience Store for whatever you need

We've got it all!

Cold Beer
Marine Supplies
FREE Hot Coffee
Flavored Coolers
Milk, Eggs & Bread
Fresh Deli Sandwiches
Bottled Water
Marine Batteries
Alkaline Batteries
Laundry Soap
Golf Cart Parts

Store Hours

6 AM  - 6 PM 
(Open until 7 PM in Winter.)

Drop by for whatever you need. 

We've got it all, whether it be for fishing supplies, convenience items, marine equipment or anything else. We're a one-stop shop! There's no need to go anywhere else.

Meet Cash and Little Cash.

They guard the bait shop. And they add to the fun vibe we have at our shop. You'll feel right at home. 

Here's what our shop looks like.

We've got everything you need.

And just remember we carry drinks and snacks as well. 

Whether you're thirsty or hungry, we've got you covered.

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