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Hello everyone 

4/23/2021                          "STORE HOURS"  MONDAY  thru   SUNDAY FROM  6AM TO 7PM   7 days a week open  352-481-2114 

   Hi Everyone   Go Fishing get outdoors and  have fun                                                           

  .   The  blue gill, bream, catfish all in the shallow water and some are trolling getting fair size specks. It is good all over the lake and do not forget to try out the  2 new fish attracter and there is alot of things to do and go to Ganiesville.com to see what is happening.   Call for more info. on fishing , R.V. Sites and check in 11am , cabin rentals check in  at 2pm.    Dip your own grass shrimp in Lake Lochloosa and save some money because it is free of charge all you need is a fine net.  We have the nets you can buy.     Do not forget the speck contest here at Lochloosa harbor.  Your must put in here at Lochloosa Harbor to get into the contest and must fish Lake Lochloosa and also you must get into the contest first before you can weigh in your speck. If no one wins/or no weighs in it will be rolled over to next month.   At Lake Lochloosa you can  Get your own shrimp !!!!!!!  All you have to do is get a net with fine netting and look for the tall eel grass and close to shore about 2 ft fine some tall grass and dip. You need stay off the bottom and shake up the stalks, shallow water too,  and see what you get-  grass shrimp.  It will be cheaper for you because the grass shrimp does not live that long maybe it will be alive a half of the day or so. Minnow can stay alive for days .       You must keep 6 ft. apart with masks at all times .  Please be safe.     Do not forget to stop by and see CASH our 13 foot gator at 700 pounds and get  a cold drink.   Call for more info.   Boat without motor/ canoes  $30.00 at a day notice  Call for more info. 352-481-2114.

We have all your bait needs. Good Luck""""""" Call at 352-481-2114 or email @ lochloosaharbor @aol.com- lochloosaharbor@gamil.com.  Call for info. on whats happening at Lochloosa harbor. We ALWAYS have minnows , Med shinner , worms reds,  and nightcrawlers Crickets .  New Store Hours :  The Bait/Store shop  Open MON- SUN.  6am -7pm- 7 days a week.  Book  Cabins,  R.V.  site  or tent site camping today . 

 Lochloosa Harbor / Bait shop is open 7 days a week all year long.  We always have minnow,  red worm/ night crawler, Med. Shinner,  crickets .  Weigh in the big ones here on our State certified scale.  Call  352-481-2114.   - Fishing report 352-481-0177

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